When your customers text, KISST responds on behalf of your business with a simple, predefined conversation anyone can customize.

Short but Polite

Automating customer contact doesn't have to be expensive or difficult, or require weeks of development. KISST services are little messaging conversations that connect people and process quickly and easily. No need for custom programming, no need for complex training.

A Useful Toolbox

KISST has a small set of conversations to pick from, such as reporting events, taking surveys, retrieving information and signing up for a service. You don't need a geek to customize your prompts, or to change type of the conversation.

Collects Business Data

Data collected from KISST conversations is downloadble from our portal, and is emailed to your inbox. And, the transcript and structured data can be quickly attached to most major cloud services, or if you really want to, your own custom backend.

Attaches to Normal Phone Numbers

Each KISST service attaches to a telephone number or to social messaging, and listens and responds on behalf of your business. There are no clients to install, and works even when only text messsaging does.


Simply Connect People and Process


Collect comments and complaints in real time, saving relationships and reputation.


Hours, addresses, menus and brouchures delivered to any messaging cell phone.

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Use KISST to transform traditional advertising on radio, television and print into direct response

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Convert between text and email for real time communications with your customers, no matter where you are.


Simple, on the spot registration for products, services, classes, events and travel.


Report potholes, outages and events from any cell phone, in real time. Geotag, add pictures and collect contact information from any smartphone


Create text based surveys in minutes for school, screening candidates or opinion polls.


Collect money from any smartphone to pay for parking, advertised services or for the school play.



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